An Important Anniversary: The 10-Year Anniversary of My Life in Lutherie.

An Important Anniversary

The 10-Year Anniversary of My Life in Lutherie.

Hard to believe its been that long ago that I first stepped into the Roberto Venn School of Lutherie and began what has become an incredible life journey. My two year apprenticeship with Ervin Somogyi, after finishing at RV, was a life changing experience that led to the start of my own business in Oregon where I built my first shop from the ground up. Obviously there has never been a dull moment. Its been the most exciting and rewarding time of my life. If you want even more details, check out my full FaceBook post here.

New OO Model Announcement

Big, Responsive Tone from the Smallest Body Size

There have been many landmark times in the the past ten years but the most recent is one of the most exciting for me: the introduction of my OO model. I’ve always been partial to the sound and feel of small body instruments. The end result of my new model has captured everything that I love about guitars today.